Transparent Employers Recruit Better ESL Teachers

Candidates for ESL jobs do a lot of research these days. They not only look at job ads, but also at company websites, company social media pages such as Facebook and LinkedIn, teacher forums and blogs, and ESL review websites.


There is so much information out there that it seems strange when a company can’t be found online. A potential candidate may disregard the whole job ad if no other information can be found.



How to be Transparent


Scams are rampant in this industry, so teachers are extra careful when applying to jobs overseas. Candidates want to see and learn everything they can about your company before applying to your job.


The first step to establishing yourself as a real company in the eyes of a potential candidate is to have a company website or at the very least a social media page.



Company Website


By establishing a website, you show potential teachers your level of commitment to your company. Your website also gives you access to company email addresses (e.g., These types of email addresses are better to use in job ads than free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or QQ.


Your company website indicates how you view your company. It does not look good if your website has broken links, copyrighted material or images from other websites, or images that are clearly not of your school.


It is important to have a page or section of your website that is in English and easy to access from the homepage.


Things to include:


  • Details about the teaching job
  • Bio of current teachers at your school
  • Pictures or videos of teachers at your school
  • Testimonials of teachers who have worked at your school in the past
  • Up-to-date blog with current school events



Company Social Media Page


Your company should also have a social media page, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Your social media page also shows how you view your company, so take pride in designing the banner and logo.


The social media page may be a great place to communicate with your current students and teachers, but remember that potential students and teachers will also visit this page.


Things to post:


  • Upcoming events (i.e., teaching conferences in the area, holidays, workshops)
  • Fun pictures of teachers at your school
  • Teacher resources
  • Articles from professional teaching journals
  • Job ads for teachers



A Note to Recruiters


Companies that recruit teachers for schools are common these days. All the same transparency rules also apply for recruiters.


Recruiters should publicly state that they are a recruiter and not the actual school. Don’t hide the fact that you are a recruiter but embrace it. Set up your website and social media pages telling potential applicants all about you and your job listings.



Summary of Key Points


  1. Have a company website with a page in English and a social media page.
  2. Assign company email addresses to your staff to use for job posts.
  3. Update your blog and/or social media pages with upcoming events.
  4. Fill out Company Profile pages on Job Boards to increase your online presence.


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