How to Write a Great ESL Job Post

How to write a great ESL job post

Think of your job opening as a sales brochure. Great ESL job posts not only give information about the job but also sell the job and the company.


Most ESL job posts are generic and only give the responsibilities and requirements. This type of job post is company-focused. It’s all about what you want as an employer. It is better to shift the wording to be teacher-focused and think about what the teacher wants to know.


Your job post needs to be persuasive. Great teachers don’t need to leave their job but are always interested in what else is out there. They may casually scan ESL job boards to see if anything looks interesting. In order to attract these teachers, you need to write a job post that sparks interest and triggers a response.


Spark Interest


Your job opening should offer something powerful that sparks interest. Highlighting one of the following five points is a great way to spark interest.


Position Status. Teachers are always looking to further their career. If your job is for an entry-level position, then status is not the best point to highlight. However, if your job is for a teacher with experience and a master’s degree, then highlight the fact that they will be working with professionals in the field.


Job Security. Moving to a new country and trusting a foreign company is a high risk. If your teachers stay at your company for a long period of time and leave happy, then highlight this point.


Company Values. Everyone wants to feel proud of where they work. If your company has a noble mission, highlight this point. This is especially important for non-profit organizations and companies involved in local charities.


Social Life. People spend the majority of their day at work, so the people who you work together with usually become your friends. If your company has a great team dynamic with outings and parties, highlight this point.


Rewards. Teachers like to be recognized for their good work. If your company offers awards or monetary benefits to extraordinary teachers, highlight this point.


Write a Great Title


Your title should include three pieces of information.


Location. Include the city and country if the job is in one location. Include just the country if there are positions available in multiple locations.


Skill. Include the main skill they need to do the work. For example, are they teaching children, adults, business English, conversation courses, etc.?


Best feature of your job. Find out the reason your current teachers decided to work at your company. Is it the friendly management, vacation time, high salary, great team of people, or something else?


Then, put all this information into a brief title of 70 characters or less. Don’t use punctuation or special characters in your title. Your title shouldn’t need an exclamation point to get attention. Use words instead to attract top teachers.


Example: Conversation Trainer in Beijing, China – Paid holiday and high salary


Write Great Content


Before you start writing your job advertisement, put yourself in the teacher’s shoes. Your ad should focus on the teacher and what they want to know. Your job post should be easy to read (e.g., small paragraphs, bullet points) and less than 500 words.


Use the following as a guideline for your job post. Start each topic with a question and then answer the question.


Example: Do you enjoy teaching small classes? Here at ABC School, our class sizes are 8 students or less. The small classes allow you to get to know the students better and have fun, communicative lessons.


1. Summary. The first paragraph is the most important part of your job post. It will determine whether the potential applicant will read on or continue to the next company’s job post.


The summary should explain why the position is a great ESL job and why your company is a great place to work. This should be done in 5 lines or less.


You may want to consider how your school supports teachers. Do you provide any training or teacher development? What do your students think of your school?


2. Advantages. The next paragraph should highlight what’s in it for the teacher. What will they get to do when they work there? What will they learn and accomplish? Who will they work with and how will their good work be recognized and rewarded?


3. Benefits. The job post MUST give a range of compensation. Teachers generally aren’t in it for the money, but most people won’t even apply if there isn’t a salary range provided.


4. Company Values. This is a great opportunity to highlight your company’s culture and values. Explain how your mission or vision statement is important to everyone.


5. How to apply. Explain in detail how to respond to the job ad. Do you want them to apply through the site or fill out a form on your website? What documents do they need to submit? All of this information should be available in your job listing.


It is also a good idea to state how long it takes to review applications and when they should expect to hear something back.


Summary of Key Points


  1. Think of your job ad as a sales brochure that is focused on what the teacher wants to know.
  2. Choose one of the five key points to spark interest about your job.
  3. Write a title that includes your location, skill and best feature of your job.
  4. Include a summary, advantages, benefits, company values, and how to apply.


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