How to Recognize the Value of a Job Board

Value of a Job Board

The goal of using a job board is to find quality candidates for your job opening. But what is the definition of good quality?


Quality Applicants


Does it mean candidates who have the desired work experience and education requirements? Or does it mean on the job performance after they are hired? Or even how long the person stays with your company? As you can see, good quality has several different meanings, and it depends on your perspective.


So, it is best to use measurable criteria such as number of views and number of applicants.


Number of Views


The number of page views for your job post shows you that people visiting the website are interested in your job opening. This is the number of times someone clicked on your job and saw your job advertisement.


Number of Applicants


The number of applicants tells you how many people read your job advertisement and decided to apply. It tracks every time someone clicked on a link in your job advertisement, such as an email address, web link, online application, or applied through the job board.


Reliable Data


Reliable data on the number of applicants is essential according to a survey done by, a leading retail job board. They asked more than 60,000 candidates to identify where they heard about the job opening, and 5 out of 6 chose the wrong source!


How to Read the Numbers


Is your number of views low? This means people saw the title and logo and decided not to click. You may want to consider improving the title, adding a logo, or opting for a Featured job post to get more exposure. Featured job posts generally get 50% more applicants than Basic job posts.


Is your number of applicants low? This means people read your job announcement and decided it wasn’t for them. Remember that you have to convince people that your job is worth leaving their current job and COUNTRY. The wording of your job ad must be well-written and appeal to potential applicants.


Things to consider: Is it too wordy? Does it fully describe the job responsibilities? Did you add a company profile with vivid images and a YouTube video?


Is your number of applicants high but your actual number of submitted applications low? This means people were interested in your job, but the application process was too complicated.


Things to consider: How many documents do you require? Do you require items that are hard to get or take time?


Summary of Key Points


  1. Evaluate your job post by number of views.
  2. Evaluate your job post by number of applicants.
  3. Determine if the number of applicants matches the actual number of applications in hand.
  4. Don’t determine the value of a job board by asking applicants where they saw your job post.


Sample Email
When you post a job on EFL Sensei, you receive an email after 30 days with accurate data on the number of views and number of applicants. Use this data to evaluate and improve upon your job posts.


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