How to Attract the Right EFL Teacher

How to Attract the Right EFL Teacher

There are various reasons a person might choose the path of teaching English overseas.

  1. To travel and experience a new culture
  2. To gain work experience in education or business
  3. To pursue a career in ESL teaching

Whatever the reason, candidates turn to niche job boards, such as EFL Sensei, to find their next job.

EFL Teacher Focused

Moving to another country is a big step for most people. For this reason, it is important to treat your job advertisement as a welcoming invitation to work at your school or company. Many times, I see job ads that are cold and sterile. There are no pictures or videos, and the wording does not sound enticing.

Even though candidates are aware that job advertisements may be written by non-native speakers, the tone and words still cause an emotional reaction. Words are very powerful, so choosing the right ones are essential.

Write Clear Titles

Of teachers surveyed, 33 percent actively look for jobs. This means they go to job boards once a week and apply for jobs.

The other 66 percent periodically browse job listings to see what is out there. They sign up for Job Alerts and get newly posted job listings in their inbox. For this reason, the title of your job post is extremely important. From the title alone, teachers will decide if they are interested and whether to click and read more.


Job AlertSample Job Alert


In order to reach this market of teachers, you have to persuade them to not only leave their current place of employment, but also to move to another location, often another country.

Highlight Benefits

ESL jobs are typically based on 1-year contracts, so every year teachers have to decide whether to renew for another year, try something else, or go home.

There are several reasons for currently employed teachers to seek another job.

  • Career advancement: head teacher, team leader, coordinator, etc.
  • Salary increase or bonuses
  • Better working conditions: teaching hours, office hours, curriculum, vacation time
  • A new experience: a new city or country, student age range, student level, class size

When writing your job advertisement, decide which of these benefits your school or company can offer. Then, appeal to teachers by focusing on these benefits.

Summary of Key Points

  1. Have a title that clearly communicates the job.
  2. Write your job advertisement as a welcoming invitation with the EFL teacher in mind.
  3. Focus on enticing benefits in your job advertisement
  4. Republish your job ads every 30 days in order to get them sent via the Job Alert email.

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