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Established in 2002, Longbridge Pacific regroups a team of ex-ESL teachers with invaluable knowledge and experience in the field of English communication in South Korea. Before and after arriving in South Korea, we provide you with all the opportunities, tools, support and encouragement you need to make the right choices and thrive both within your new workplace and community. We only deal with reputable schools where previous or current teachers have given us a positive recommendation. Before choosing a school, YOU will be put in contact with the schools' directors and previous/current teachers. There are NO fees charged for any of our services.


1- helps qualified English speakers find employment in English conversation institutes in South Korea.
2- contributes to the development of English communication in East Asia by introducing qualified English speakers to English conversation institutes in South Korea.
3- provides qualified English speakers and English conversation institutes in South Korea with a professional recruiting service that focuses on quality over quantity.


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