Sucre, Bolivia


BiblioWorks is a non-profit organization spreading the joys of reading in rural Bolivia! Since 2005 we have built and equipped eleven libraries in rural and impoverished areas of the beautiful central Bolivian countryside.


BiblioWorks was started in 2005 by Megan Sherar and her brother Brendan Sherar of Asheville, NC. Megan, a Peace Corps volunteer at the time in a small village of 200 families, about two and half hours from the city of Sucre, was asked over and over by her community to build a library. Enter brother, Brendan, CEO of the Asheville-based company who ventured down to check out Megan’s life in Bolivia and ended up falling in love with the country, building a library in Megan’s Peace Corps site and effectively starting BiblioWorks.


After that first library in tiny Morado K’asa, Megan received proposals from several nearby communities for new libraries. The next library to be equipped and supported was in Presto, a town close to Morado K’asa, and the rest is history with becoming the sole financer of twelve library projects in ten years.


BiblioWorks promotes education and literacy in communities in need. We believe that healthy communities require healthy minds. That's why we have been building libraries, supplying books and training librarians in the poorest communities of Bolivia since 2005. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our funding comes from donors like you. We are not a religious or political organization.


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