American Eagle Institute

Shanghai, China


American Eagle has over 16 years of experience when it comes to the education of ESL learning in Taiwan and Mainland China.


American Eagle offers students and teachers alike, a warm and welcoming school environment that fosters a good educational spirit.


Our Teachers boast excellent skills in the classroom and express a real passion for what they do here in Asia. It is evident when walking the halls of our schools that our staff is passionate about what they do here.


The staff is provided with excellent training and ongoing professional development, and teachers are offered the opportunity to grow and excel within the company.


The long term goals for our staff is clear and well defined and they are offered ongoing support from the school's individual management teams as well as a specially designed Expatriate HR department that is based in Headquarters.


Company Type
Language Training Company
Salary Range
1,700 - 3,000
Student Age Range
Average Class Size
Teaching Hours/Week
Office Hours/Week
10 minimum
Holidays / Vacation
Approximately 20 (all Chinese National holidays)
Additional Benefits
Annual bonuses, Housing, Partial Airfare Allowance


Current job openings at American Eagle Institute

Currently this employer doesn't have any openings.