Cofradía’s Bilingual School

Cofradía, Cortes, Honduras


Cofradía’s Bilingual School is located in Cofradía Cortes, Honduras.  We offer an affordable, high-quality bilingual education to the community of Cofradía.  Our devoted team of international volunteers works together with locally recruited Honduran teachers to provide students with a much-needed alternative to the public school system.  Our students receive an immersion-based bilingual education from native and fluent English speakers from around the world, allowing the students to leave our school with a strong command of the English language.  We believe that education empowers children to lead lives of their own creation.  We aim to create a learning environment where students can become adults who are able to create change.  Our graduates are motivated, passionate people who are ready to build a brighter future for themselves, their community, and their country.


Cofradía’s Bilingual School is home to over 300 students in grades kinder (Pre-K) to 11th grade.  Located a short walk from the center of town, CBS has twelve classrooms, a central field, and a stage where we conduct our weekly assemblies.  When not in class, our students can be found playing endless games of football, shooting hoops on the basketball court, or hanging out with friends.


CBS was founded in 2003 with the goal of offering a bilingual education that wasn’t previously available in the area.  Unlike many other bilingual schools in Honduras, most CBS teachers are native speakers.  This allows for a more comprehensive English education, and students leave CBS with better pronunciation and fluency than they would otherwise.  Our graduates’ competency in English translates directly into higher-paying jobs and increased opportunities for higher education


Company Type
Salary Range
$0- this is a volunteer position. However, volunteers can earn money doing private tutoring after school
Student Age Range
4-17 years old
Average Class Size
Anywhere from 12-30 children
Teaching Hours/Week
40 hours
Holidays / Vacation
There are many holidays throughout the year including 2 weeks off for Christmas and 1 week off for Easter
Additional Benefits
Transportation to airport, accommodations, most food


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