Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Taking economics and management as its core discipline, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE) is developing successfully with diverse fields of study which include economics, management, law, science, engineering, humanities and arts. ZUFE is an outstanding university enjoying considerable honors among finance and economics universities in China.


The University is situated in Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Zhejiang province and one of the most modern and prosperous cities in China. Hangzhou has long been reputed as the “City of Silk” and “Paradise on the Earth”. When Marco Polo visited Hangzhou, he declared it to be “the most beautiful and elegant city in the world”. As one of the most celebrated cities of culture and history in China and listed in the Seven Chinese Ancient Capitals, Hangzhou is well-known for its historic relics and beautiful natural scenery. The West Lake was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, and was described as reflecting “an idealized fusion between humans and nature”.


ZUFE has three campuses, covering a total area of 153 hectares. The university libraries have a total collection of over 2.33 million cataloged volumes and 4.67 million electronic documents. 71 powerful professional laboratories have been set up to serve the needs of teaching and research.


The University consists of 14 schools, 2 teaching departments, one separate college, and 51 research institutions. We offer one doctoral program, 6 discipline master degree programs, 44 sub-discipline master degree programs, 6 professional master degree programs and 45 undergraduate programs.


We have 1,326 staff including 910 full-time teachers at ZUFE. Among them 479 are senior teachers (includes 155 professors). Now over 24,000 full-time students are studying at the University. The college entrance score and graduates’ employment rate are both at the top within the province.


Our international outreach is broad and includes academic research and cooperation in both undergraduate and postgraduate education with 73 universities in 21 countries and regions.


Upholding the motto of “Virtue, Academic Excellence and Keeping Pace with the Times,” we have been dedicated to building a modern university with competitiveness and influence.


Company Type
Salary Range
7,000-8,000 RMB/month
Student Age Range
Average Class Size
30-40 students
Teaching Hours/Week
No more than 16 class hours per week
Office Hours/Week
Holidays / Vacation
The time with no classes available
Additional Benefits
Airfare, Travel allowance, Apartment, Free electricity, Running water, Broad-band internet and television signal, Medical insurance, Public holidays, Winter and Summer holiday


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