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We often say at Keystone that the Academy is about learning. This is true for all the people who live and work in this educational community. It is also a statement that goes far beyond the classroom. Learning at Keystone takes place in our dormitories, our hallways, on the playing fields and dining halls, and encompasses social and emotional goals as well as the purely academic.


We are as much about developing character, as expressed in Keystone’s statement of Shared Values, as we are about academic rigor. Indeed, to suggest that there is a hard and fast distinction “between” areas of head and heart is to attempt to make simple what we know to be a much more complex and dynamic relationship.


Consequently, in our work as teachers and administrators at Keystone, we commit ourselves to a vision of education that extends the experience of teaching and learning into all areas of campus life: we all teach, we all contribute to the curriculum beyond the classroom, we all embrace the residential program and the notion of living in community within our areas of responsibility.


We are not a community that relentlessly counts “hours” or constructs exhaustive lists of responsibilities. Keystone expects that its staff members respond positively and with a high sense of professionalism to the needs of the school, the students, the parents, and their colleagues.


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Teach 24 class meetings a week.


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