Is your Reputation affecting your ESL Teacher Recruitment?

ESL Teacher Recruitment

A major complaint from ESL/EFL job seekers is that they don’t hear back from employers when applying for a job.   According to teachers who applied for jobs on the EFL Sensei Job Board, only 25% reported to have any contact with the employer.   Teachers become frustrated and dissatisfied with ESL employers that do […]

Transparent Employers Recruit Better ESL Teachers

Candidates for ESL jobs do a lot of research these days. They not only look at job ads, but also at company websites, company social media pages such as Facebook and LinkedIn, teacher forums and blogs, and ESL review websites.   There is so much information out there that it seems strange when a company […]

How to Write a Great ESL Job Post

How to write a great ESL job post

Think of your job opening as a sales brochure. Great ESL job posts not only give information about the job but also sell the job and the company.   Most ESL job posts are generic and only give the responsibilities and requirements. This type of job post is company-focused. It’s all about what you want […]

How to Recognize the Value of a Job Board

Value of a Job Board

The goal of using a job board is to find quality candidates for your job opening. But what is the definition of good quality?   Quality Applicants   Does it mean candidates who have the desired work experience and education requirements? Or does it mean on the job performance after they are hired? Or even […]

How to Attract the Right EFL Teacher

How to Attract the Right EFL Teacher

There are various reasons a person might choose the path of teaching English overseas. To travel and experience a new culture To gain work experience in education or business To pursue a career in ESL teaching Whatever the reason, candidates turn to niche job boards, such as EFL Sensei, to find their next job. EFL […]